At Creative Core Technologies, we lead in the innovation of the industry’s most advanced SaaS based operations management applications. We translate the most up to date technologies into value for our customers to increase operational efficiency and improve business intelligence. Our development team is committed to creating mobile workflow applications that are friendly, powerful and seamless to integrate into your daily routine.

RevealiQ is our flagship, mobile application that is breaking the status quo in operations management. RevealiQ empowers business leaders with the ability to expertly manage four key business drivers that have a direct impact on business performance:

Equipment Performance – Optimizing equipment performance to elevate sales and reduce unplanned expenses

Employee Engagement – Increasing employee productivity via critical task management capabilities and reporting

Vendor Support – Getting the most out of vendor support by creating a “partner network” aligned to your true business priorities

Forecasting – Developing a proactive plan for expense forecasting while gaining clarity into underlying drivers impacting your P&L

RevealiQ is designed by business managers and developed by our nation’s leading developers who understand the intersection of business and technology. If you are a business leader interested in increasing operational efficiency and improving business intelligence then check out RevealiQ!


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Our Product Philosophy

We believe that a creative customer-centric approach is core to helping our customers accomplish their goals. The energy behind our technology development comes directly from business leaders and is brought to life by our development and engineering team located in Seattle and Stanford University. The team focuses on what business leaders truly want and need to gain an advantage in business, differentiate and win.

Throughout the design process, we eliminate everything that is not essential to accomplishing that goal as we innovate new ways to solve problems. This philosophy guides every decision we make to best partner with managers who seek to improve their performance while anticipating the needs of their own customers now and in the future.

Delivering Value to Our Customers

“As a restaurant, having a piece of equipment go down literally kills our sales. Historically, monitoring what item needed maintenance, how much we’ve spent on repairs and when something was ready to be replaced was nearly impossible. Then we were introduced to the Creative Core team. Their RevealiQ product could not be easier to use, delivers business intelligence and improves our operational efficiency. As a result, RevealiQ has helped us dramatically improve our profitability. And it works on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Thanks to the folks at Creative Core for solving one of our biggest challenges.”

Dennis Morris, Owner | McDonald’s franchise restaurants

“I have found nothing that compares to RevealiQ. The task manager has transformed our daily operations. It’s now seamless for the Managers to communicate any issues to a point of contact or vendor regarding the issue within the store pertaining to equipment or other tasks. The P&L module offers a great training tool to mentor managers on their weekly and monthly numbers in comparison to their actual forecast. It helps us focus more on the trend of the business and gives the manager time to react as necessary. It’s powerful, user friendly and was easy to adopt in each of our 5 restaurants.”

Scott Weelborg – Facilities Supervisor | McDonald’s Corporation

“From the first time we talked with the folks at Creative Core Technologies, it was clear that their business management solution, RevealiQ was a critical and missing element of our business. However, we were concerned that such a robust solution would be out of reach for an independent local restaurant group, like ours. That wasn’t the case as all. There are no big upfront fees, and in a matter of days the Creative Core team had us completely up and running! Keeping track of all our equipment has never been easier. We just wish we would have found them earlier. They have saved us time and money and RevealiQ has definitely helped us make much smarter decisions to improve our financial performance and customer satisfaction. Now that we are using RevealiQ, I’m not sure how we survived without it. Thanks Guys! “

Ken Hughes – Owner | JaK’s Grill

“Equipment up-time & getting the most of our employees is critically important to us as a competitive business. We recognize that automating the process through technology presents our team with the opportunity to improve profitability while elevating the level of service to our customers. We chose RevealiQ because it is an easy to use mobile operations management app that gives us control over our equipment maintenance strategy. At the same time, we are better able to redirect our resources to key business priorities. We look forward to working with the staff at Creative Core Technologies as we build out our strategy to improve operational efficiency across our stores!”

Paul Jones, Owner | Carl’s Jr franchise restaurants

Our Core Values


Our first priority is the success and happiness of our customers. We are passionate about solving customer workflow challenges to improve our customers’ business performance.


Establishing trust and loyalty is the core of what we strive to accomplish in every customer interaction.


We continuously evolve and challenge the status quo to best position our customers for success.
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